Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The 10 most beautiful sceneries in the world

Located in Patagonia, Argentina is a true wonder of natureFor its color, for the strength he has, for the power that condenses each of the magnificent walls vertical to the great mass of ice.

02. - The Grand Canyon of Colorado:

It is a work of art sculpted by the amazing hands of artists of the Colorado River. It is an impressive parade able to cut the breath of all tourists. And a sunset over there is a spectacle without equal.

03. - Yunnan, China:

It is a region located in southern China or landscapes reflected its tropical forest and the traditional areas of rice fields, typical of the country.

04. - The Cliffs of Moher :

Based in Galway , in Ireland , these huge cliffs are 8km longitude and altitude of 200 meters above sea level here, the show is to see to see the waves of the sea whip of such walls.

05. - Rio Iguassu in Argentina, Brazil :

It also occupies a part of Paraguay, but his famous parties in Argentina and Brazil.
Another great natural wonders of the world in our world. Cascades and waterfalls ... only nobody ever could see. The force of the water facing the authentic tropical forests, forming a unique landscapeYou have an incredible show since the "Gargantuan del Diablo (The Devil's Throat).

06. - Uluru, Australia :

His image is that of a moonscape. Anxiety, nostalgia , sadness, but also a vast barren land strewn with blades of grass and a huge red monolith of 3.6 km wide and 346m high, which appears alone in the geographic center of Australia.

07. - Cappadocia, Turkey:

A fairy tale fascinating and immortal, it seems that this region lies between its legendary prehistoric formations and hidden stories, magic and secret that nobody will ever know.

08. - The National Park Torres del Paine, in Chile:

The Andes ... another beautiful landscape that can be encountered in South America, separating the Chilean Patagonia argentine, and in the middle, winning over all other hills that surround the famous horns del Paine.

09. - The Mount Cook in the Alps New Zealand :

A mountain of ice which dominates the heights of the continent. Located on the South Island is the highest peak in New Zealand.

10. - The National Park Banff Canada:

This is the perfect landscape.  When you see the pictures you will say “I want to go there! ". The typical Canadian landscape is green and blue, snow-covered mountains reflecting on the crystal clear lakes that crisscross the valley Canadian.

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